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In recent times, ZKTeco f18 has received much popularity in every sector in Bangladesh. And people are typing in Google, how much is ZKTeco f18 price in Bangladesh.

This article will let you know about the ZKTeco f18 device and its reasons for using it.


  • Price             : ৳ 12,500.00
  • Regular Price : 12800
  • Status          : In Stock
  • Brand           : Zkteco
  • Fingerprint capacity: 3000
  • ID Card capacity: 5000
  • Transaction Capacity: 30,000
  • Warranty: One Year


  • Model: ZK F18
  • IT can Stores fingerprint templates 3000 and transactions 30,000
  • Catch fingerprint and/or RFID cards.
  • It Can recognize user less than 1 second
  • Ethernet ports & Built-in Serial

How Much is ZKTeco f18 Price in Bangladesh?

We are blessed with the advancement of technology. When it comes to security, technology is now far advanced.

Fingerprint recognition software has added a new dimension to our life. Days have gone by when security guards maintained a manual log system, lock, and pin to lock a door and ensure the security of a room with password-based devices.

In recent times, ZKTeco f18 has received much popularity in every sector in Bangladesh. And people are typing in Google, how much is ZKTeco f18 price in Bangladesh.


This article will let you know about the ZKTeco f18 device and its reasons for using it.


What is ZKTeco f18?


The ZKTeco is the manufacturer of the innovative F18 biometric fingerprint reader. It is much popular due to its high-performance firmware functionality. The UI is brilliant and flexible user privilege settings for multi-level management. The design is pretty compact. These factors make it one of the most widespread devices from the manufacturer ZKTeco.


All the advanced technology is used in this device that makes it different from other biometric fingerprint readers. Its features are:


  • Hardware platform: ZMM210 Core Board
  • 2 GHz CPU
  • Supports standard Wiegand signal.

And the hardware platform and firmware is optimized as well.


In terms of efficiency when verifying fingerprints, this device is a champion. The good news is this F18 device application can be enabled in different networks since it has TCP/IP and RS485.


Why Should You Use a Fingerprint Safeguard?


Undoubtedly, we all want security. We want to keep our belongings safe, and from the start of civilization, humans are using different techniques.


Fingerprint safeguard is one of the latest innovations in the technology sector, and it offers a variety of benefits. Let’s read below.


Shatterproof Safeguard


If you are looking for a shatterproof safeguard, keeping your eyes shut, choose fingerprint safeguard. Why? We can’t change our fingerprint, and it stays with us for our whole life. It can’t be changed, and even you can’t manipulate it. If you ever try to change your fingerprint, the liveness detection technology can easily identify it.


As a result, breaking this technology is impossible. The system is secured and unbreakable. Nobody can’t surpass it without a fingerprint, and your critical and crucial files, papers, and other belongings will remain safe.


Easy to Use

How do you feel if you can’t log in because of entering the wrong password? Isn’t it time-consuming to maintain a logbook?


Earlier, people were using multiple manual methods when a visitor visits an office. They were using plastic ID cards too. All these processes are manual, cumbersome, and sometimes, you may need to pay additional bucks.


For sure, following these traditional security systems, you have faced many embarrassing situations. All these methods have loopholes, and anyone breaks the security system easily.


The good news is the Fingerprint security system doesn’t have these issues. It is easy to use, and no one can break it. Maintaining logbooks, plastic ID cards is entirely unnecessary. For identifying a project, the fingerprint security system is the best of the best.


Helps to Maintain the Scheduled Time


Do you think manipulating fingerprints is impossible? Can you use another person’s fingerprint on your finger? This is entirely impractical.


When maintaining a traditional security system, manipulating is easy. A person can submit another person’s ID card to security when entering and accessing the office.


Since fingerprint security system can recognize a person’s fingerprint, so copying another person’s fingerprint is impossible.


Moreover, the time clock system will help a person maintain the office schedule because the time of entering the office is also maintained in a fingerprint security system.


Saves Time and Money


The fingerprint security system is a fully digitalized system where you don’t need to use different logbooks, plastic cards, and other manual entry systems.


All you need to do is, install the system and get used to it and enjoy the system’s performance. It means the overall administrative cost is saved when you install the fingerprint security system in your office.


As a result, your factory ROI will increase.


Simultaneously, the security system is getting unbreakable, and ROI is increasing, isn’t it amazing!


Boost Up Productivity


Without any doubt, the fingerprint security system is faster than any other traditional security system. It is also error-free and time-saving. This way, an organization’s productivity and efficiency automatically increase.


Every organization calculates that time is equal to money. So when time is saved, money generates easily. Fingerprint security systems boost up the overall performance since the ROI rises following this security process.


Who Needs ZKTeco F18?


  • Government and public administration
  • Industrial and construction sites
  • Grocery shop
  • Medical

And many other areas where public attendance is happening.


How Much is the ZKTeco F18 Price in Bangladesh?


Depending on the model and feature, the ZKTeco F18 price in Bangladesh varies. The price range is 11,800 BDT – 12,500 BDT. A few models are available too with additional features, and to know the price of those models, you will need to call the supplier.


While buying a ZKTeco F18 device, ensure that it has a warranty.



ZKTeco F18 Bangladesh :

DisplayTFT LCD Color Screen
Fingerprint Capacity3000 Templates
ID Card capacity5,000 (Optional)
Transaction Capacity30,000 Transactions
CommunicationRS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host
Standard FunctionsWebserver, Anti-passback
Interfaces forCommon, Matrix and Magic styles
Wiegand SignalInput and Output
Optional FunctionsID Card, Mifare Card
Power Supply12V DC,3A
Operating Temperature0 °C- 45 °C
Operating Humidity20%-80%

ZKTeco F18 price in Bangladesh

zkteco f18 manual

ZKTECO-F18 Bangladesh


In Each And Every products in the market has an ideal user manual. Though , ZKteco f18 has a complete user manual When You read the manual, then you can easily operate it. And the Manual Is Step By Step Process.

Features And Advantages of zkteco f18:

ZKTeco F18

TFT Color Screen:

  • Audio-visual indication for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingerprints.
  • More simple and convenient operation.

Fast and Accurate Fingerprint Algorithm:

  • 1 touch a-second user recognition.
  • Store 3,000 fingerprint templates, 30,000 cards and 100,000 transactions.

Easy Installation and Connectivity:

  • Wiegand input & output.
  • Network interface by TCP/IP or RS485

Easy Operation and Management:

  • Work without computer.
  • Buzzer, 4×4 keypads and door bell.
  • Built-in serial and Ethernet ports.
  • Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer

Full Access Control Features:

  • Anti-passback. Webserver. Access control interface for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm and doorbell

Slim and Elegant Design:

  • Sleek and slim design for narrow spaces.


Things that made ZKTeco F18 an awesome device

ZKTeco F18 Price in Bangladesh

Quick and accurate fingerprint matching

This Time Attendance Control System uses an advanced algorithm to match fingerprint data. Besides it’s reliable firmware runs the programs smoothly. That covers the software parts. In the hardware parts, ZKTeco F18 has a high-quality infrared fingerprint sensor that collects fingerprint data accurately and very quickly. It needs only 1 second to verify a fingerprint.



It is built to provide excellent performance. It’s hardware platform is optimized to work efficiently. It uses a 1.2GHz processor. It’s firmware and hardware combined can surely satisfy you.


Compact design

It has a very stylish and elegant look. It’s compact design can enhance the look of your security system. It’s graphical user interface and 3.5 inches TFT display ensures perfect user experience.


Very helpful

It uses audio and visual indications while it accepts or rejects any fingerprint. You can connect it to the electric door lock and the alarm for further control and enhancement.


Easy Connectivity

It supports TCP/IP and USB host communication. You can connect with it via these protocols to manage or analyze data. USB host can be also used for backup data manually. Besides them, it supports RS485 and Wiegand.



ZKTeco F18 can store 3,000 fingerprints and 30,000 transnational records. Optionally it can work with Id cards too. It has the capacity to store 5,000 cards.


Easy installation

ZKTeco F18 can be installed easily. You will find an installation guide with it’s package. Besides, it includes all the basic hardwares and they are- cables, screw driver, screw and holders, diode.

What are the disadvantages?


There are some minor disadvantages of ZKTeco F18. First of all, the fingerprint verifying system asks for human touch and interaction. But touching things is now risky as there is a global pandemic COVID-19 outbreak happening.


Secondly, the fingerprint system has it’s own disadvantages. It can not verify a person if the person’s thumb becomes bruised or cut due to any accident.


Another disadvantage of F18 is, it doesn’t come with a backup battery. So, unexpected power failures may cause trouble. To prevent that you will need to buy the battery package separately.




ZKTeco F18 price in Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the time attendance access control system do?


Time attendance access control system ensures security of an office building. It identifies a person by reading their fingerprint and verifying if the person has access to a door. If any stranger or wrong person tries to enter that door, he will have to verify himself first. Also, time attendance devices record the time someone enters or exits. No one can fake or edit that time. This is very useful for both taking attendance and ensuring access control.


Why is fingerprint so important?


It’s because everyone has a unique fingerprint that doesn’t match anyone else’s. None can fake fingerprints easily. Cards can be stolen even passwords can be discovered. But fingerprints don’t get stolen. Also, employees can forget pins or lose their cards. But their fingerprint is always with them. It doesn’t become lost.


Why is it beneficial?


Traditional time attendance system, which usually depends on paperwork, is not that perfect. Someone can enter wrong attendance time or edit it afterwards. But with a time attendance machine, this won’t happen. Time will be recorded automatically and only the administrator will have access to that record. Also, for traditional methods, you will need to hire someone to record time and pay him a good amount every year. But the time attendance machine reduces that cost as it doesn’t ask for any maintenance cost.

What is zkteco f22 price in bangladesh?

The Average Price of zkteco f22 is 13000 tk 14500tk.

What is zkteco k40 price in bangladesh?

However the Regular price of zkteco k40 in bangladesh is 7500 but the sale price is 6800.

What is zkteco f19 price in bangladesh?

zkteco f19 Average Price in bangladesh is ৳ 12,500.00

What is zkteco access control price in bd?

zkteco access control price in bd Start from 6800 to 30000tk.

What is zkteco price?

Zkteco has many device. If you are looking for fingerprint access control device then the price is average 6800 to 30000tk.

What is zkteco mb20 price in bd?

zkteco mb20 price in bd is average 7,350tk.

What is zkteco mb 2000 price in bangladesh?

Average zkteco mb 2000 price in bangladesh is 16500tk.


Last Words


Secure identity is a superior requirement of every industrial and construction site, educational institutes, etc. The identity will ensure that your workplace is safe and secured. When identity is confirmed, any workplace will be secured for us for sure.


So, don’t be late to install a fingerprint security system in your working area. Hopefully, this article gives you a clear understanding of the ZKTeco F18 price in Bangladesh and the benefits of this system.


Security should get the utmost preference. Install this device, ensure your valuable belongings and other employee’s security.

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